Setup your free VPS with Google Cloud

Guys, after a busy schedule, got some time to bother with you. 😀 Anyone, needed VPS for your development works or for your private stuff…

Here i’m going to show you how to create a VPS freely with Google cloud platform. The word “Free” comes with some limitations. 😉 You can only have this vps for 12 months. If it suits you, then follow me, let’s create our VPS.

Step 01.

Go to and click on TRY IT FREE button at top right corner.

Step 02.

Just fill the form as shown below and click on “ACCEPT & CONTINUE”.

Step 03.

In the page shown below, change the account type to INDIVIDUAL since we are using the vps for personal purposes ATM. Here you need to give your Credit Card number. Do not Worry they will charge 1$ to verify your card & it will be deposited to your card again after the verification process finished.

Step 04.

After few minutes, your new Google cloud platform project will be created for you and you’re welcomed to the google cloud platform console.

Step 05.

In this page, click on the Compute Engine button.

Step 06.

Wait for few minutes, it will setup the compute engine for you in next page.

Step 07.

After compute engine initialized, Create button will be enabled. so click on it.

Step 08.

Now you will be redirected to the New VPS Cofiguration page. Please choose options as your preference and as per your need.

** DO not worry about those red colored texts. Just choose your server type whether it is Linux server or Windows server.

Step 09.

Click on create button & your new VPS is ready. 😉 you can see something like below.

Step 10.

Click on drop down as shown below & set user name accordingly. so you will be prompt with a generated password. please note this password somewhere.

Step 11.

Download RDP file as below.

** RDP files are used by Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services which contains necessary information for a connection to terminal server. Hope you guys know those , if not ignore this post 😀 😀

Step 12.

Double click on downloaded RDP file and connect to your fresh VPS. woooo…

That’s all. we have created our first VPS with Google Cloud platform.

Originally published at on October 3, 2018.

Senior Software Engineer - Technology Team | IFS R&D International (PVT) Ltd |Graduated from University of Moratuwa in Computer Engineering field