Limited resources? Try XUbuntu Desktop with Ubuntu 20.04

If you remember one of my articles “Suggest Installing Ubuntu on your Asus Vivobook, i was talking about how to save some memory in your machine by installing Ubuntu 20.04 latest version at that time. If you haven’t read it, maybe you can read it from below.

Anyway, Since i was using Asus Vivobook for my personal stuff ( really thin and light weight that you can carry anywhere) , Unfortunately, I don’t have appealing spec there. But the latest Ubuntu installation made my life easier and gained huge performance improvement. It wasn’t enough for me though. So, i started looking into more light weight Desktop Environment for Ubuntu 20.04.

If you are not a big fan of Open source/ UNIX stuff, then you might have the question, What the heck is Desktop Environment in Ubuntu world???

Basically, UNIX like Operating Systems are highly customizable. So, you can install separate desktop environments as your preference. Ubuntu 20.04’s default desktop environment is GNOME Shell. ( as far as i remember ). This is not the article that i should dive deep into UNIX/LINUX Desktop environments. Maybe in a separate one.

So, guys, what i found is XUbuntu Desktop is one of the lightest desktop environment which has been using in XUbuntu versions plus few more OSs. So, i really wanted to install XUbuntu-Desktop environment on my Asus Vivobook. It’s really easy.

  1. Just install xubuntu-desktop from Ubuntu package manager.
XUbuntu Desktop Installation Sudo Command

2. Its around 500mb, so will take some time to install. While installation in progress, it will ask for you to choose the Display Manager, just stick with GDM3.

3. Restart your machine. Logging out and logging in won’t work in this case. after restarting, in the login window click on the gear icon and here we gooo, new Xubuntu Session is appearing. select it and log in. Great, we got Xubuntu Desktop.

I have done this few days back and should say it saves reasonable memory than default GNOME Shell Environment which comes with normal Ubuntu versions.

Xubuntu Desktop Environment

This is highly customizable too. So, if you are in low spec machine, go with Xubuntu Desktop. Trust me, it saves more than expected. Let’s talk more about Ubuntu Desktop Environments and XUbuntu terminal next time.

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