Connect to VPS through your Android Device

Guys, welcome all.

I was thinking to write something to the blog for last few days but didn’t get free time. Today, i got something cool for you guys.

Anyone using VPSs? If the answer is no. Thank you for reading 6 lines of my post. Let’s meet with another post that maybe useful to you. 😉

If the answer is Yes. Continue reading. 😉

With the busy schedules, i know we can’t manage our VPS real time while travelling/driving/ or maybe while you are on the bed. Today, I was trying out really cool remote desktop client for Android devices. With this client, i was able to manage my VPSs using my tablet in quick time without touching my laptop’s .rdp file. 😉

Few easy steps.

Step 01.

Download the client for your android device. i’m not a fan of apple devices. So, please find the correct client for your apple device. 😛 😛 😛

Step 02.

Launch the installed remote desktop client. you will get a screen like below.

Please ignore the already added remote connection. I’ve already added one of my VPS to the client. you will get an empty window. now click on the plus mark at top right corner to Setup your VPS connection.

Step 03.

First give your VPS Host IP address. easy… (First text field 😛)

Step 04.

Now, in the Username Drop down, select Add User Account option. here you will be able to setup your VPS username & password.

Step 05.

As shown in the below figure, now you can add your Username in the format of domain\username, and the top secret password. 😛

Guys, we are almost done. Now in the home screen of your android remote desktop client, you can see newly added connection. Please click on the connection.

See, now my VPS is on my android device. I can almost do anything while i’m travelling or even on the bed. 😛 People who are managing VPSs frequently, will feel the use of this kind of remote desktop client.

😛 We are done. VPS can be managed using your android device. really cool and useful.

Originally published at on December 2, 2018.

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