I was thinking about sharing my knowledge about Angular and related technologies for last few months and got a chance to start. I need this to be a very clear and simple post series that beginner can understand without any hassle. Therefore, i have created a simple table of content for this post series.

Angular Table of Content

I think creating this kind of table of content and start sharing posts to cover each topic will make you comfortable with the course. Let’s start with first topic in the list.

What is Angular?

Angular is one of the popular client side web framework which has used to develop single page applications( SPA ). Paypal, Freelancer, Upwork and Netflix are some of the web applications developed using Angular. Framework led by the angular team at google.

Versions of Angular

Angular 2 was the earliest version of Angular. Before angular, there was a Angular version 1.0 which was named as Angular JS. Angular JS is based on Javascript. From Angular 2.0, framework has developed using Typescript.

Therefore, Angular versions are starting from Angular 2.0 and evolved like below.

Angular 4 -> Angular 5 -> Angular 6-> Angular 7-> Angular 8

Latest Angular version is Angular 9.0 which was released on 2020.

Simple. Hope you got an idea about Angular and please go through the Table of Contents. I will go through each and every topic form series of posts. Keep in touch. Don’t forget to share your ideas, knowledge by a comment.

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